The Performativity of Matter
(2009 - ongoing)

Materials perform. Stuff is constantly getting up to things. Matter is doing all of the time, at varying scales of time and space, in order to exist and generate the world of objects. Reference to performance, the performative and the performativity of matter is done to draw attention to this –the agency of materials. With performance describing both the act and quality of a ‘doing’, it is embraced here as both a theatrical reference point and engineering qualifier.

A version of this ongoing performance lecture was presented at TEDx Brussels and can be viewed here.


The Sound of Materials
(2006 - 2008)

Breaking a wineglass using only sound. Zoe Laughlin, 2007.

Breaking a wineglass using only sound.
Zoe Laughlin, 2007.

Performing the breaking of a wine glass using sound live at Tate Modern, Zoe Laughlin, 2007.

In 2007 I made an audio accompaniment to Tate Modern, based upon the Materials Library Presents...Tate Modern project from 2006. One of the tracks featured the playing of the tuning forks. I also explored some of the other characteristic sounds of the gallery, including the noise of electricity substation that generated the distinctive hum of the turbine hall.



Mini DV Video Tape
Zoe Laughlin, 2003.
(Music by Matthew Herbert)