The Things That Make Us
(2016 - ongoing)

The Things That Make Us is a podcast about people and the objects that have shaped them.

Each week, a guest is invited to pick 5 things that have inspired, delighted, provoked or influenced them, and then talk about these items ‘on tape’ at a time and place of their choosing - ideally with as many of the things present as possible.

The show was devised and created by Zoe Laughlin in 2016 and is an ongoing project. 

All episodes of The Things That Make Us are available to download or listen to on iTunes and Soundcloudand the show can also be found on Twitter.

A gallery of all the items selected by guests can be found on The Things That Make Us website.

Some of the guest to date have included Jay Rayner, Cornelia Parker, Dallas Campbell, Ranj Singh, Uta Frith, Robert Llewellyn, Tim Hunkin, Richard Wentworth, Sandra Rhodes and Roja Dove.