The Secret Sotry of Stuff
BBC FOUR (2018)

Secret Story of Stuff.GIF

Welcome to the magical world of materials, where designer, maker and materials engineer, Zoe Laughlin, explores the stuff that shapes the world around us. Everything, from the cars we drive to the clothes we wear is made from something and that stuff, that material, is what gives these objects their magic.

From her workshop at the Institute of Making, Zoe travels the country to looking at 6 aspects of our daily lives where materials are making a difference. Discovering the alchemy behind the latest developments in the science and craft of materials, Zoe meets the inventors of wonders such as ever-lasting teeth, 5D memory glass, pineapple leather and mushroom heat-shields. Zoe then brings these materials back to her workshop to put them through their paces and in the process, reveals the extraordinary story of stuff and joy of making things.

A stand alone clip of Zoe testing the mushroom material with the help of a blow torch and a cho-ice can be viewed here.

This 60 minute documentary was first broadcast on the 31st October 2018, 9pm, BBC4.