A number of the projects and performances I have devised and created have been accompanied by printed material.
Where possible, this material is documented below.



An accompaniment to the Taste of Materials: Spoons project and meal.
A pdf version of this booklet can be downloaded >>here<< [1.4MB]




An accompaniment to the Hair project/performance at Wellcome Collection. 


An accompaniment to the Flesh project/performance at Wellcome Collection. 

Materials Library Presents... Tate Modern

An accompaniment to the Materials Library Presents... Tate Modern project/performance that took place at Tate Modern over the course of 4 weeks in autumn 2006.  The full booklet can be downloaded >>here<< [8.9MB]

Sugar, The Universe and Nothing

Workbook to accompany the performance-lecture Sugar, The Universe and Nothing, filled out by the audience when directed to do so.